Before clicking on the link to leave the Adventures website and head over to my Patreon account, please read:

What’s Patreon?
It is a site that allows creators to provide both free content and paid memberships. I started my account in late January 2024 and there is FREE content posted. There will be more FREE content added on a regular basis.

Optional Paid Membership(s)?
There is NO obligation to pay. However, I am using Patreon for both men and women from 25 to 75+ to have exclusive access via a monthly membership. As of late January 2024, there is only one membership option for $97 per month. I ask that you text me at 919.723.8453 before signing up. We can talk about the paid membership.

Next Steps?
JOIN FOR FREE to stay updated when new content is added. Just follow the steps like verifying email, etc. FYI, you can “X” out of the membership upsell. On the left hand column, you’ll see Adventures Beyond the Couch. When you click on that, it takes you to the main page. You’ll want to explore COLLECTIONS. You may also want to download the Patreon app on your phone which can be found in Google Play or Apple App Store.

Here’s the link: