David is available to share his health transformation story with small and large groups including delivering a full keynote speech. 

Short Overview:
In his 50’s, David peaked at 108 pounds of weight loss by following healthy eating habits and learning how to manage food consumption. In addition, David became a runner at age 54 and transitioned to a Triathlete. As a 57 year old endurance athlete, David knows what it’s like to life unhealthy life of obesity for many years and turn all that around. Along the journey, David elminated 5 prescription medications including reversing type 2 diabetes which was the most difficult part of the journey.

Various local organizations ( Triangle Area of North Carolina ) will likely be no charge. Organizations like the Rotary Club, Churches, Women’s Groups, Non-Profits, etc. may reach out to have David speak at a breakfast, lunch or dinner event.

Small businesses and larger companies may inquire to discuss options that will be beneficial to both parties.

Please visit the contact page which also includes David’s phone number.