Erik Westrum is a former professional hockey player, motivational speaker, leadership coach, entrepreneur at heart, and author of Becoming Elite: What It Takes To Transform Your Life Using the 4 Proven Pillars of Performance. 

He continues to fulfill his purpose in life—to be a Servant Leader.


After playing professional hockey for 12 years, Erik went back to the Carlson School of Management to get his MBA to gain more knowledge and expertise to help leaders and companies grow exponentially. After consulting on numerous projects and coaching hundreds of people over the past 20+ years, Erik established the principles and processes through Becoming Elite and what it takes to transform your life using four proven pillars of performance. He continues to work with athletes and people from all walks of life and remains committed to leading thousands of people in making a shift to becoming their version of ELITE!


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Clint and Suzette, co-founders of Optimal Integrative Health, empower individuals to embrace Pro-Aging—actively taking steps to enhance one’s longevity and health span beyond mere lifespan. They advocate for aging with vitality, treating each year as a chance to LEVEL up!

Suzette, an Integrative Health Practitioner, conducts comprehensive lab tests often overlooked by traditional medicine. As nutrition coaches and behavioral specialists, Clint and Suzette equip their clients with the knowledge and tools for achieving optimal health and addressing the root causes of longstanding issues.


They emphasize the importance of data for tracking progress, adhering to the principle that you cannot improve, what you do not measure. Witnessing their clients’ advancements and knowing they’ve contributed to these transformations is their utmost reward.


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Scott Jagodzinski is the founder of Argent Alpha, a community dedicated to making men over 50 Harder to Kill. Focused on serving men who possess a growth mindset, Scott’s work primarily benefits C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, high-producing sales executives, investment professionals, successful retirees, and any man committed to personal excellence beyond 50. 

This comprehensive approach has led to the transformation of dozens of Men, guiding towards becoming the strongest, healthiest version of themselves.

Scott has a track record as a transformative CEO, with notable achievements including leading a company to a 9-figure exit and reversing another from a $1M loss to $14M in profit in 4 years. He is also co-founder and Chairman of Alchemy365, a group fitness company that ranked #629 in the Inc 5000 in 2019.

If you are a Man over 50, visit or connect with Scott on LinkedIn.