Although I only work one-to-one with men who are 40+, I do offer 6-week group programs for both men and women from 25 to 75+ and it’s limited to just 6 people.

I have a small group program starting in January 2024. It will be on Sunday’s from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST via Zoom and the sessions will be recorded in case you miss one. The pricing is the lowest it will be all year for the small group and I’m donating the money.
Yes, you can get it done on your own, but I’ve heard so many stories during my own journey that you will be more likely to succeed working with someone who has been through it all successfully.
It’s not easy to lose weight. It’s not easy to get in shape. But what’s even harder is maintaining the weight loss and fitness after achieving your initial goals. It’s about a complete lifestyle shift. It’s a battle of the mind. That’s where I come in.
I can help you get through the initial difficulties and also help you learn how to maintain it all long term.

I offer the following: 

…Free 1 hour call with no obligation.

…6 week small group program for 6 people for both ment and women.

…One-to-One 12 week program for men over age 40 paid in full upfront

…One-to-One pay as you go for men over age 40.